How It Works

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Step 1 - Check if your Studio, Event or Business is already Listed

 You may already be listed in our directory – if you got an email from us inviting you to claim your listing you are listed and you can immediately claim your listing.

Find your listing either through the “Find A..” menu above or search using the search bar below.  

Come back here, to read more once you’ve found your listing.

If you cant find a listing for your business, read on to learn how to add a new listing.

Step 2 - Create an Account

Before you claim a listing (or create a listing) you must first sign up for an account.  Already have an account? Great, just sign in when prompted. 

Only Business/Organisations can create listings.  If you have already registered as an Individual you can switch it to a Business Registration on your dashboard after logging in.

Please note: If your account email does not match the business listing email / website we may require further information to approve your claim.

Step 3 - Claim Listings

We often add listings on behalf of businesses – and maybe we’ve ready added yours.  Have you done a search for it yet (hint: that was Step 1)?

Claiming your listing is EASY – simply click on the “Claim Listing” button on your businesses page.  

Login to your account when prompted and select a listing package.


Didnt find your Business?

We make it easy to put your business in front of our audience.

We have many different listing types for all types of pole businesses.

  1. Studio – all dance studios go here
  2. Pole Industry Organizations – typically non-profits and sporting bodies
  3. Online Tutorial – any online training platforms, online classes etc go here
  4. Event – competitions, pole camps, retreats and one off workshops go here
  5. Health Professionals – specialists in helping polers reach their health potential. 
  6. Business – everything else, pole wear, pole gear, media specialists etc.
If you have more than one listing to add, you’ll be able to do this after completing your first listing, from the dashboard.

Listing Packages

We offer several different listing packages. 

Depending upon your situation you may want to list several studios, an event and a pole gear business.  You can do this with a multi-listing package.

If you would like to discuss a custom package for your business (eg you need more than 6 listings for multiple studios, competitions and more) please get in touch with us. 

You can also choose a package from below and then add listings to it if you wish. 

To add a new listing after purchasing your package, you will need to be logged into your account. Then you can choose “Add a Listing” from the Dashboard menu. 



  • 1 basic listing  (LAUNCH SPECIAL - claim 2 listings!)
  • Verified Listing Badge
  • Your Logo (upload)
  • Business Description
  • Location Map
  • Customer Reviews and Ratings
  • Tags (class types, ages, poles etc)
  • 1 Social Media link
  • User Dashboard with analytics
  • Edit & Update your listing



  • 365 days expiration

  • 2 personalized listings - any category
  • Everything in Bronze PLUS
  • Cover Image (upload)
  • 1 featured listings
  • 2 Gallery photos
  • Live Website Link
  • unlimited Social Media links
  • NO other ads on your pages



  • 365 days expiration

  • 6 premium listings - any category
  • Everything in GOLD for every listing
  • Need more listings?  Contact us for a special package.