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It’s an exciting day for you – you’ve decided to buy a pole for home! You’ve started shopping around, and you’ve realized that it’s not as straightforward as “just buying a pole”. After a quick google search, you’re overwhelmed, asking yourself a lot of questions. Never Fear! is here

CHAMPION SERIES Introducing Glynn Owens, aka The Prince (his stage name); former university professor turned actor and pole dancer. And at 73, the oldest man ever to compete in the world pole sports championships. (Until 2024 when he might compete at age 74…) This transcript has been lightly edited

or… How to avoid ending up on PoleLOLs If you’re a home poler, or you’re planning to purchase a pole for home, this is possibly the most important article you will ever read. It’s a comprehensive guide to just about everything you need to know to make sure that your

Last September (2023) I had the privilege to interview 2022 World Champion, Aussie Poler, Christie Kurrle. Christie shares her pole journey from beginner to multi-times World Champion.

We’ve all heard that Pole could one day end up in the Olympics. In fact, some of us may have used that very argument to convince disapproving relatives that pole is, in fact, a legitimate sport. But have you ever wondered WHO is pushing for Pole to be represented in