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Fiona Caffin - APSF Masters 50+ Champion 2022

Why PoleDance.directory?

Have you ever missed competition that was perfect for you because you didn’t know it was on?

Do you like to travel and want to visit the best studio for you at your destination?

Does your bucket list include going to pole camps and pole retreats around the world?

Are you a business that wants to connect and support the pole and aerials community?

Pole Dance directory was made for you.

Meet the Founder - Fiona


I started pole dancing at 51 — unfit, with no gymnastics background and nearly 40 years since my last dance class.  With a 4 week Groupon voucher, wanting to try something different. I figured, what could go possible go wrong?

A serious addiction, that’s what!  

(Pole dancing should come with a warning – it’s so much fun and and filled with warm, amazing individuals. )

While I was still a total beginner, struggling along to one class a week, covid struck and closed the dance studios.  Fortunately (for me) I managed to buy the last X-pole in Australia to continue with online classes (big shout out to Studio Exclusive!).

Moving on, and a big move up the north coast of Australia, I muddled around with virtual classes for a year or two. Wanting to be better, and not sure how to get there.

Early 2022 I had the crazy idea to compete at the Australian Pole Sports Federation National Championships.  With only 8 weeks to the competition date, and no idea how to prepare or choreograph a routine?  Again, what could possibly go wrong?

Well, injuring myself for one – I over did it,  straining my arms & neck and upsetting my nervous system.  I persisted, developing my routine by virtual walkthroughs (off the pole!), determined to at least make it to the ‘starting pole’ at the competition.  Which I did. And I ended up thoroughly enjoyed competing, winning the Masters 50+ (amateur) division. (Yes, that’s me in the pic above competing in 2022.)

Lets do this again I figured – why not?  So in 2023 I stepped up to the Elite Masters 50+ division at APSF National Championships with the goal of qualifying for the World Pole and Aerial Championships being held in Poland in October 2023.

Fiona @ Studio Exclusive 2021
Fiona Caffin - vertical split at APSF National Championships 2023

This was a much bigger journey. Struggles with menopause, ‘injuries’ (aka weaknesses from no history in sport!), anxiety, unexpected weight gain & nerve issues made the six months to Nationals a close call.  I thought about quitting a lot. But each day, I did what I could (sometimes that was just to lie on the couch). Learning to manage my diet (eat enough protein!), my total training load (rehab + strength & condition + pole) and competition preparation have been quite the challenge.

I made it to the starting pole again, on 9th July 2023.  Winning the Elite Masters (50+) division qualified me for Worlds.  And my score of 33.3pts has ranked me No1 going into the World champs!?! OMG.

Looking back 12-18months ago, I could not have imagined being in this situation.  Training to represent Australia in a World Championship… me??? An athlete?  Someone who has avoided exercise most of her life!

Where does PoleDance.directory fit in?

I’ve had a wide ranging business background, from engineering to finance to wed design & online businesses so starting PoleDance.directory seemed a natural fit to marry my passion and work.

I hope to be able to travel and dance my way around the world!